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narmadeshwar shivling locket

Just as the worship of Narmadeshwar Shivling is important, similarly Narmadeshwar Shivling locket also has a special significance. Just as Narmadeshwar Shivling emerges from the bottom of Maa Narmada, in the same way Narmadeshwar Shivling of small size is given the form of a locket. Like the Narmadeshwar Shivling, lockets are also very sacred and auspicious. One of the specialty of Narmadeshwar Shivling locket is that it does not need to be worshiped or proved in any way.

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And no need to ask any Pandit or Shastri. This locket can be worn by women, men, children, old people of any zodiac sign because it is made of stone extracted from the bottom of Maa Narmada and because it is the form of Bholenath, a divine energy circulates in it. Which gives positive energy to the wearer.

Narmadeshwar Shivling locket

Whoever wears this Narmadeshwar Shivling locket, Lord Bholenath always showers his blessings on him and Bholenath is always with the wearer of this locket. And fulfills all the wishes of the person who wears it. If you also want to wear Narmadeshwar Shivling locket, you can buy it from any religious shop.

The Narmadeshwar Shivling locket and bracelet can be worn on any thread or chain. You can wear it in the form of a locket in your neck or you can also wear it in the form of a bracelet. Worshiping the Narmadeshwar Shivling gives as much fruit as the Narmadeshwar Shivling locket. Helps the devotee to connect with Lord Shiva. It is also believed that where there is a Shiva Lingam, Lord Shiva himself resides there.

Benefits of wearing Narmadeshwar Shivling (Shiva Mahalingam) Locket

  • Physical weakness is removed by holding the Narmadeshwar Shivling locket.
  • Narmadeshwar keeps the mind of the person wearing Shivling calm
  • This locket is also worn to attract others towards you.
  • Narmadeshwar Mahalingam locket is also worn to protect children from the evil eye.
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